Romero Britto

Mr. Welcome

Standing a towering 4 1/2 stories high (45 feet), Miami Whimsical Elcome sculpture was conceived by Romero Britto at the request of developer Jeff Berkowitz for the development of his Dadeland Station Shopping Center project. Elcome is comprised of 15, 000 tons of aluminum with over 7,800 inches of weld. The height of the actual sculpture is 45 feet including the base.

The world's largest aluminum sculpture, Elcome also has a wingspan from open arm to open arm of 45 feet. A fleet of extra wide tractor-trailers was hired to move Elcome to its home at the Dadeland North Metrorail Station on Tuesday, June 1, 2004.There, Elcome was assembled with the assistance of a large crane, bolting and welding the numerous sections together. Following its erection, Britto mounted a bucket truck and began hand painting Elcome. Painting the enormous sculpture took several weeks.