Romero Britto

Britto in Singapore

Romero Britto was the official artist for the Race of the Champions in Beijing, introduced to millions of people in China from center stage of the most iconic building in modern China, The Birds Nest Stadium, where the 2008 Olympics were held. At the Race of Champions, Britto was alongside Michael Schumacher and David Courtland.

Britto's art complements the fast and furious action of  the 2009 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. He will exhibit original art and sculpture at "Britto in Singapore", September 24th - October 25th, hosted by Opera Gallery.

Adding to the energy of the races, nine monumental stainless steel sculptures that epitomize Romero Britto vibrant alphabet of imagery will be installed on Orchid Boulevard.

Collectors can find more of Romero Britto's artwork in the urban green rooms fronting ION Orchard as well as on exhibition at Opera Gallery in the same building.

Putting a unique spin on the activities, Britto will also create original works of art using ROC ART canvases provided by Formula 1 race car drivers, Lewis Hamilton and David Coulthard.

In a true collaborative effort, twelve unique original panels will combine sketches by the drivers created with tire marks and an original Britto painting.

Each of these collaborative panels will be auctioned for charity at The Race of Champions in Beijing, November 3rd and 4th.