Romero Britto

Britto Foundation

As a talented and creative child growing up in Brazil, Romero Britto often painted images on any medium he could find, including scraps of cardboard and newspaper. His inner passion and drive to excel served as an asset for a young man who was academically successful but with a longing to nurture his creative side. This innate love for learning and education inspired Britto to channel his focus and commitment to excellence into his artwork. This dedication is what has helped Britto become an international success during the last 17 years.

A key quality that makes Britto such a success, and serves as the essence of his artwork is his unrestrained and optimistic outlook on life. Never forgetting his humble beginnings, and ever appreciative of the many mentors he has had over the years, giving back and lending a hand to those in need has become one of his top priorities. As a result, in 2007 the Britto Foundation was established in an effort to allow him to lend his time, resources and talent to children and organizations all over the world, while continuing to spread joy and happiness through his works.

His passion for helping others will help the Britto Foundation to realize its mission of serving individuals and organizations who work to create, encourage, promote and preserve education and humanitarian based initiatives around the world. The initiatives and special projects the Britto Foundation supports will also:

- Nurture the arts and cultural endeavors of youth
- Engage children more deeply in education and literacy programs
- Respond to the needs of those within the most vulnerable populations

The Foundation believes these priorities are fundamental to building better communities and changing the way of life for our most under-served youth.

Key to the success of the Foundation will be the cultivation of community partnerships and the building of relationships with community, business and education leaders. Britto truly believes in the adage "It takes a village to raise a child", but his ultimate goal is to change the world for today and tomorrow's youth by inspiring the "village" to become involved in the lives of children and the community around them one endeavor at a time. By doing so, it is his hope the world will become a better place for tomorrow's leaders.

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